The fragrance and colour of timeless flowers!

From today on, quality and excellence are timeless in a new project in which the undisputed protagonists are the Barile Preserved Roses.

The fragrance and colour of timeless flowers!

The Barile Preserved Roses are obtained with the best roses of Ecuador, cut when the opening of the bud is at its maximum beauty, and then subjected to a patented process that makes them resistant over time.

Barile Flowers Service is proud to present the Barile Preserved Roses collection with ideal colours for all occasions!


Even the Barile Preserved Roses pass from the Barile Flowers Service careful selection.
We have combined our passion and innovation in the process of choosing and stabilizing preserved roses…
the result?
Guaranteed quality!

Beauty and durability

The Barile Preserved Roses are the personification of beauty that has remained unchanged for years! Starting from the cut, the roses go through various qualitative steps. Every process is carefully controlled. Then, when the roses stabilization phase takes place, the roses are treated with a patented solution that makes them attractive, colourful and durable.

Spoilt for choice

A complete range of colours for all occasions is waiting for you. The Barile Preserved Roses colour palette contains from the most delicate pastel shades to the brightest and most eccentric ones.
Finding the perfect colour for your customers will be a certainty!

Have a look at all the colours