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IFTF 2021

2021-10-15T11:06:04+02:0015 October, 2021|

Come to visit us! IFTF 2021 - International Fair of floriculture   On 3, 4 and 5 November an international floriculture fair will be held in Vijfhuizen, Holland. Highly valued protagonists of the cut flower sector will meet again for the first time after a long period due to the pandemic. IFTF is receiving a strong increase in registrations from exhibiting companies and visitors from all over the world. An unmissable opportunity for all flowers lovers who can't wait to [...]

FioriBelli®️ is born and it’s online NOW!

2020-11-17T10:38:00+01:0025 September, 2020|

FioriBelli® is the first brand  which reflects art and craft. Grown by small family-run businesses, who respect high quality standards and tradition. Considered as “the gourmet of flowers”, FioriBelli® includes a rich range of products as carnations, ranunculus, anemones, matthiola, dianthus and greens selected from regions whit different climate conditions, resulting in a product that is local and presents different specific characteristics. FioriBelli®️ represents a special selection of certified growers, who have distinguished themselves for the quality of the flowers they [...]

The new website of youROSES® is officially online!

2020-09-02T14:45:39+02:007 September, 2020|

The brand that represents the perfect combination of the best roses on the market and the best growers in the world. Youroses is an exclusive Barile Flowers Service project, that keeps on growing and improving, both from the logistic as well as productive point of view, but that’s not all! The evolution of the brand, with its innovative and ambitious character, adds an important mile stone to the project with a brand new website. What are you waiting for? Go [...]

Nino Barile donates flowers to doctors and nurses of the Polyclinic of Bari.

2020-09-03T16:37:34+02:0018 May, 2020|

In such a critical moment for our country and for the whole world, where we are fighting a battle that has hit and affected the lives of all of us so hard, the only thing left is to give our full support to those who are fighting day and night against an invisible enemy: Covid19. Today at the Polyclinic of Bari, Nino Barile, CEO of Barile Flowers Service together with members of his staff, have donated over 100,000 stems of [...]

BFS ready for IPM Essen 2020!

2020-05-15T10:19:58+02:0017 January, 2020|

Come to visit us! IPM 2020 - International Fair of gardening and floriculture. Also this year we will be in Essen, Germany, from the 28th to the 31st January for the world’s leading gardening and floriculture trade fair. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate to one of the most important events of the year! IPM brings together over 1500 exhibitors from 46 different countries and over 50 000 qualified visitors. What better time to learn about new trends, meet new partners and have [...]


2020-05-15T11:06:37+02:004 November, 2019|

Come to visit us! IFTF 2019 International Fair of floriculture On 6, 7 and 8 November an international floriculture fair will be held in Vijfhuizen, Holland. Highly valued protagonists of the cut flower sector will come together in order to create one of the most important events of the year. IFTF gathers around 300 companies from over 100 countries around the world, an opportunity not to miss for all lovers of the world of flowers. We will be waiting for [...]


2020-05-15T09:47:51+02:0019 October, 2019|

The fragrance and colour of timeless flowers! From today on, quality and excellence are timeless in a new project in which the undisputed protagonists are the Barile Preserved Roses. The fragrance and colour of timeless flowers! The Barile Preserved Roses are obtained with the best roses of Ecuador, cut when the opening of the bud is at its maximum beauty, and then subjected to a patented process that makes them resistant over time. Barile Flowers Service is proud to present [...]


2019-12-20T09:03:53+01:0022 August, 2019|

Barile Flowers Service will be present at the 4th edition of the Flower Expo Poland in Warsaw on 5, 6 and 7 September. Three intense days of new collaborations and future opportunities to establish new business contacts to provide additional species and varieties of cut flowers from all over the world. An international event ready to introduce new market trends, as well as to encourage meetings and discussions regarding the future of the flowers world. Meet Barile Flowers Service team [...]


2019-12-20T09:08:01+01:008 July, 2019|

We did it again! Once again, our products travel in first class. We selected for our wholesales the best greens by flight, checked at the origin according to our standards of quality and freshness, packed in patented boxes and specially designed to have the perfect assortment and quantity, and recovered as many days as possible in favour of more vase life, faster from origin to warehouse...   VOLA means not only greens by flight, it means our greens, with at least 14 days of vase life*, only [...]


2019-12-20T09:11:34+01:003 July, 2019|

Quality of production, quality of working life, quality life for all. The company F.lli Barile spa has always been involved in respecting who works every day to give the world a product of high quality and emotional: flowers. They are the symbol of birth, life, joy and festivities. But not for everyone. « Many times, » - says our CEO Nino Barile - « during the long trips I take to select the best products in the world, unfortunately I [...]