In such a critical moment for our country and for the whole world, where we are fighting a battle that has hit and affected the lives of all of us so hard, the only thing left is to give our full support to those who are fighting day and night against an invisible enemy: Covid19.

Today at the Polyclinic of Bari, Nino Barile, CEO of Barile Flowers Service together with members of his staff, have donated over 100,000 stems of colourful roses and orchids to doctors, nurses and health workers.

A small support that has given inexplicable emotions, tears of joy and a boost in the mood of all our heroes.

We thank the Directorate of the Polyclinic of Bari for making all this possible and for establishing such a wonderful collaboration and of course a huge thanks goes also to all of the doctors, nurses and health workers.

To all of you, who fight for the lives of all of us, risking your own ones, goes our deep gratitude.

A big thanks for the collaboration also goes to @Boragine FIORI Import Export

#Everythingisgoingtobeallright #Itwillallberosesandflowers #BarileOverCome