Who are we?

When we talk about flowers, we talk about people.
We know our grower, we know our partners.
We know their needs and we understand them.
From 25 years we are expert in selling cut flowers to wholesalers all over Europe, fresh from the growers in less than 48 hours. Before anyone else. Future oriented.

Barile Flowers

Barile’s System

Why Barile?

Logistic’s Technology

Just in Time

Order planning by our partners allows us to deliver the freshest product with delivery times reduced by 50% compared to the world trade average.
Monitoring of the flower from the field to the destination


The tailor made tracking from IT Barile allows you to monitor the flower from the cultivation field to the destination.
Patented boxes

Vase life

Logistic efficiency is guaranteed by our patented boxes. The care with which we travel our flowers in the packaging turns into an advantage of freshness and life in a prolonged vessel of the product.
Our delivery time is reduced by
-50% compared to the world trade average.

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