It is with pride that we announce the presence of the floral designer Vincenzo Antonuccio at the Interflora World Cup, the most prestigious event in the world for the flower industry, which will see our company as a sponsor of the Italian candidate. The Interflora World Cup is a design competition that showcases the most talented flower designers from around the world. It takes place every four years and is hosted in a different location each time.

The Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) is proud to host the next edition of the competition, called FTD World Cup 2019, in recognition of the host organization of the event to be held in Philadelphia in the main exhibition hall of the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show in March 2019. It will include up to 30 countries and the winner will be named Interflora World Cup champion.

Each nation selects the floral designer who at that moment considers it more suitable to compete among the best floral designers in the world.

Italy has chosen Vincenzo Antonuccio and Marilena Calbini from VM Design to represent it.

On the occasion of the competition the works in competition will adopt a holistic themed approach with ample landscapes and artistic interpretations able to inspire and transmit emotions, examining the fragrance and the color and communicating a universal language.

There will be four themes to be played live during the race:

1 – HARMONY IN ARCHITECTURE, a scenographic work inspired by architecture;

2 – THE POWER OF FLOWERS, intimate dinner for two, a table set up;

3 – THE STRENGTH OF COLOR, a scenographic bouquet;