Quality of production, quality of working life, quality life for all.

The company F.lli Barile spa has always been involved in respecting who works every day to give the world a product of high quality and emotional: flowers. They are the symbol of birth, life, joy and festivities. But not for everyone.

« Many times, » – says our CEO Nino Barile – « during the long trips I take to select the best products in the world, unfortunately I observe men and women living in difficult conditions and working without can feed their families ».

For this reason, in addition to the quality checks required to the intercontinental flower producers, the Barile team demands respect of employees and the payment of fair compensation.

« For over 30 years we have guaranteed and demanded the most respect for our producers and their employees, receiving in return the best product available on the market » – confirms our CEO Nino Barile – « We stand shoulder to shoulder with those who, like us, have always defended the cause of fairtrade ».

What is Fairtrade? It is the form of trade that guarantees both the producer and his employees to be paid a fair price, ensuring protection of people and safeguard of the territory.

We are against profit as mass exploitation, a method used by big organised retail chains, in collaboration with some local producers.

A typical feature of mass trading is the direct trade to the final customer, with the consequent elimination of any intermediary.

One of the characteristics of fairtrade adopted by Barile Flowers Service is instead the so-called « short supply chain », a short commercial production cycle, that consists for us in: production -> transport from all over the world to Europe -> sorting in the Netherlands -> arrival at our wholesaler partner of Barile Flowers Service.

Therefore, the product is traceable and the producer of the cut flowers in the packaging is recognisable.

We try to make companies develop in the best way in developing countries by asking them to respect certain aspects, such as:

• prohibition of child labour;

• use of renewable raw materials;

• costs of education and building of schools;

• cooperation among producers;

• fair salaries, according to the laws of the place of production, for those who work as employees in agricultural production sites

We guarantee at the same time fair and respectful emolument, in stark contrast to traditional trade practices. We are committed to respecting producers with:

• Minimum prices agreed with the producers, the price paid must allow producers to live in dignity, allow investments in the social field and ensure that production is environmentally sustainable;

• minimum guaranteed quantities;

• long-term contracts (of many years);

• consultation regarding products and production techniques;

• pre-financing

In this way we promote producer cooperatives to become bigger together and to successfully confront with wholesalers. Our intermediation is the basis for this development.

Barile Flowers Service respects customers, respects producers and respects life.