youRoses is a project in line with the company’s mission of innovation on the international market. The CEO, Nino Barile states, “in a stable phase of the trade, Barile Flowers Service stands out for its ability to look beyond the horizons of the market. The mountain rose is an exclusive product for quality and consistency. The high mountain climate conditions give the plant a higher pot life and a more luxuriant bloom.

youRoses is an alternative proposal with solid foundations: brand identity, product recognition through packaging, advertising for the final public.

The youRoses brand is an exclusive project of the Barile Flowers Service that had never been so high “.

From today, Barile Flowers Service includes a new brand dedicated entirely to the woman’s flower par excellence: the rose.

youRoses represents the perfect combination of the best varieties, the best producers in the ideal geographical areas of cultivation, and extreme care for details to not betray the expectations of the most demanding public.

A project that tells the daily life of gestures, from the smallest to the most complex ones, that influence emotions, energy, passion, the relationship with themselves and with others.

youRoses is a faithful companion who keeps the secrets of every woman.

Quality and refinement that come from afar and that enclose the charm of an experience without comparisons.