Over the last few years, the greatest brands in the world have worked to simplify the design of their logo pursuing the concept: less is more. A process that has in simplicity the base of our choices for several reasons: it gives immediacy, makes the logo easy to remember, offers the possibility of resuming the distinctive elements within the everyday marketing strategies and allows a better branding communication. This analysis guides the design of new Barile brand. The new brand confirms some important focus for our leading company in the import and export of cut flowers: a fair mission, an innovative and dynamic concept up to the future-oriented vision that summarize the Barile system. The Barile company based in the city of flowers is a point of reference for the development of solutions with the partner, offering them the professionalism of traders and the best quality in the fastest possible way. Useful, easy, fast. A service oriented to people, developed through the best flower productions, a parallelism necessary to establish a trust relationship with producers and partners. Barile knows in advance the wishes of consumers and through organization and meticulous work planning is placed in the cut flower world elite. Barile, future oriented.