The novelty of autumn 2017 is Barile Flowers Service. Specializing over the years as a leading agency in the import of cut flowers from all over the world, the company launches a product on the market that is the result of the research and development department: “wow mountain rose”, a selection of the best mountain rose growers of the altitudes in which their fundamental plus is cultivated.

Raised above 2000 m, at high altitudes, roses have longer vegetation times and ideal environmental conditions to guarantee their beauty and durability: the duration / shelf-life of the rose is higher than the duration of the traditional rose thanks to a stem less woody and more easily hydrated.

The launch of “wow mountain rose” has the guarantee of a quality brand like Barile Flowers Service: the “Barile System” guarantees a 5-day advantage in favor of the duration of the flower as an alternative to the Auction System that undergoes the fluctuations in price and product, given the deterioration due to processing.

“Wow mountain rose” is the exaltation of all the services of “Barile Flowers Service”: packaging, reliability, logistics, short supply chain, careful selection.