2018 was an unforgettable year for our company, this year saw the presentation of the new Barile brand, participation in numerous international fairs and the launch of the AFI 4.0 webshop.

The new Barile brand has been accompanied by a real technological innovation with the launch of the new AFI 4.0 webshop, one of the objectives set for this year was certainly to provide an easy, fast and able system to provide a better purchase service to our customers, who, with our service, are able to plan their orders up to 8 weeks before sending.

Numerous were our business trips that saw the network presence of Barile flowers Service all over the world, like South America, Europe and Africa, in order to maintain good relations with customers, growers and create new business partnerships. Equally important were the numerous fairs  in Europe (Germany, Poland and the Netherlands) that bring out our brand and our know how with the expert of floral industry,

For this 2019 we just have to raise the bar of ambitions and set new goals that can grow year to year one of the most solid entrepreneurial business in the south of Italy.

We wish you a 2019 full of flowers and emotions.