We are happy for an autumn that begins in the sign of the last victory of Barile Flowers Free Runners Terlizzi at the trophy of Andria: the hero of the day Pasquale Selvarolo wins in his hometown, Vincenzo Grieco after a progression race with a huge final cut the finish line in 3rd position. Luigi Catalano reaches the finish line in 13th position thanks to which he wins the AGM category.

The results obtained in Andria are the conclusion of a row that has ended a year of goals started with the first place to the regional Puglia on 2000 hedges for Luigi and a fifth place in the Italian championships of 10 km on the road to Vincenzo who inaugurated 2016 winning the Campaccio in Milan, a milestone confirmed at the 2017 championships by Pasquale.

The three juniors will continue to be followed by the valuable advice of Mr. Giovanni De Rocco on the eve of a new year that will see them engaged in different specialties: Vincenzo is focusing on the indoor track 1500 m and 5000 m, Pasquale on cross country 6, 8 and 10 km and Luigi in outdoor on 3000 hedges.

In a year that sees them federated with FIDAL, the Italian Federation of Athletics, our three musketeers are led by President Vincenzo Grieco’s wing. For years we have supported their path because in this adventure we see some values ​​that we believe are fundamental, sport as a bet and as an educational model, as a bet and a cohesion. The team spirit that unites these guys fascinates us. The finish line is a starting point.