Floramiata, partner of Barile Flowers Service and leader in the production of indoor plants for about 40 years. Located in Tuscany, it grows 60 species of plants throughout the year in its greenhouses heated with geothermal energy while maintaining a low environmental impact. Among the main varieties, Spathiphyllum Martina TM, Anthurium, Scindapsus, Dieffenbachia, Schefflera and Phalenopsis stand out.


The main goal of Floramiata is to be defined the first Italian Carbon free horticultural company. By using thermal energy to heat greenhouses, avoiding the emission of significant quantities of CO2 and at the same time absorbing approximately 600 tons of environmental CO2 thanks to the plants produced, it is rapidly approaching its goal.

Research and Development

Thanks to its Meristematic Multiplication Center it is able to produce new varieties, multiply species difficult to propagate with traditional methods, carry out accurate phytosanitary controls and activate electrophoretic monitoring of the varietal genome.


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